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Why hello again, Level 1.  How we’ve missed you…


Yup, the last few months have been a bit challenging (to say the least). We’ve all been through the wringer in our own way. And here @JSK we completely skipped our usual mid-year menu + prices review. Oops.


But now that we’re getting our post-Covid groove back, we’re taking stock of the various new “Mex” joints in the area.  And we’re having to pay closer attention to our suppliers’ rising costs (e.g. transport is hella expensive just now, and indispensable items like tomatoes are pushing $15/kg).


So the time has come again to adjust some of our prices by the usual “gold coin” increment ($1 – 2). 

[Just click on the JPEG above to see the menu in a larger pic...]

But you know us: we’re still the best value in town (no items over $12 — no $18 burritos here!).  And we know our authentic Tex-Mex + Cajun tastes are what you’re really craving.


As always, we can’t thank y’all enough for your support of Johnnie’s Southern Kitchen.  Now, what can the boys whip up for you? ;-)

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